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His Majesty the Padparadscha

Padparadscha is the name of the colour of a particular corindon like the zapphire and the ruby, but much more rare. Its peculiarity is the beautiful colour that goes from yellowish pink to the orange. The name comes from the sanskrit “padma raga” that means the colour of  the lotus flower. 

The discussion between the experts is intense; which is the definition of the colour padparadscha? Usually it refers to a pinkish orange, but as we all know there isn’t a standard colour in nature, so the padparadscha has different shades too. We can easily say that all these gems have the sunset inside, a sundown that soften towards the pink of the lotus flower.

I like to think that it contains the sunset of my Maremma too (my place). It can be beautiful in its plays of shades and lights of burning colours just like the colours of the padparadscha that comes from far exsotic lands. 

Padparadscha Ring By La Rivoluzione Dei Canarini