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“I don’t know why, but I feel pink” she said.

“And pink they must be.” I answered.

Have you ever felt a colour? I have. There are periods of my life in which I’m fixed to a specific colour. For this Winter it was deep green. In these periods I image accessories of the colour I feel. Jewels, sunglasses, bags, but even coats, skirts or stockings and shoes. I feel a real need of deep green. It is a strange feelings of a hole inside waiting to be filled up with the colour I’m close to.

The same thing was for my client and friends L. She told me that she was fond of pink, so, choosing the gems for her new pair of earrings, I focused on this. Pink tourmalines, round and drop shapes and light rubies in the center. All set in pink gold.

L. was so happy with them. “I can wear that pink skirt I bought yesterday with these earrings, with that scarf: it is exactly the same colour! And I can wear them with …” she kept saying. Isn’t it happiness?

I feel like I have helped her filling up her lack of pink and it make me happy.