The Canary Tweet


Some time ago I left for an event in Venice. It was just for three days, but choose the outfits for everyday is always very difficult. Is it going to rain or is going to be cold? What I wear during the event and in the evening with my colleagues? Elegant?  Casual? Usually I keep my medium suitcase where aI can put hundreds of combinations of clothes to wear in a fair or in an event. Honestly, we have almost everything so we can manage the outfits, but there is something that can run you mad: the jewels. What the f**k I’m going to wear as necklace, earrings or rings? The choice must be well made. Am I going to wear the same things for all the event?? Think about the options. First you can be rob on the road or on the train so whatever you’re going to wear you have to hide it; second, and usually it is my case, the luggage is heavy and uncomfortable, so it is difficult to wear something big  (this exclude my favourites cocktail rings!). It is impossible to keep with you jewels for every outfit you going to wear, unless you travel very safety. So I must chose!

Chose chose… How can I leave all my beloved at home?

Last time I organised my luggage for a fair, I was stock thinking of what jewel keep with me. All my chosen outfits were laying on the bed in front of me. I took the Trifari gold necklace and I put it on every mix I had in front of me. It fitted with all the looks I chose. It was simply perfect. After that I reevaluated the gold colour: it’s elegant and evergreen, it fits with every single colour you would like to wear. From those days I have tryied that necklace every day with different outfits, and surprise! It works with almost everything.  A gold necklace is alright in the morning as well as in the evening. This particular necklace (as most of the bijoux made by the extraordinary talent of Mr. Trifari) looks like a new one. Time haven’t scratched, old owners haven’t  consumed it. The gold plated is still bright and shining. The problem was resolved! I had  to add just the traditional wedding ring of Valtellina area, Lombardia – Italy.

The result? The fair went well, during those days most of the ladies admired my necklace for its originality and I felt always fine, elegant and never inappropriate.

The only thing is that from that days I literally felt in love with gold necklaces and I’m always looking for a new one in the antique street markets. I have find one or two, but I’ll show you next time.

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