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When you bump into antique original pieces, you must think to extraordinary materials and gems, but most of all to their story. Who made it? To whom it belonged? How she or he used it in the years? In which occasion she or he has wear it? I love to daydream trying to give answers to these questions. Obviously when you’re in front of old pieces like these, you can’t find the perfection. You must think about their delicacy and fragility because of the materials and the techniques used to realize them. Very often it was used lead for the welding and silver for the setting. All these things increase their worth and their charm, but they bring the necessity of treating these amazing old jewelries with sensitivity and particular attention. All these peculiarities are concentrated in this fascinating brooch. The rubies and their colour can not be perfect, but when you buy a piece like this you buy its stories, originality and the gems. In fact you must keep in mind in these old jewels the gems are no heating and no lead glass filled!

Brooch by Private Collection