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For most of the times, when I have an event, I usually already know what to wear, but sometimes when I’m insecure about the result of it, I become uncertain about which appropriate look I need to choose. In these cases  I go for a little black dress that always help in this occasion. You’ll never do wrong with it especially when you can’t dress too elegant, or too stylish. But, isn’t it a little bit impersonal? Well I felt so. I decided to light it up a bit with a jewel… a brooch perhaps. Brooches are going very well nowadays. I’ve seen them on the red carpet even on men. Too classy for a young lady? I don’t think so. Have I already told you about my passion for vintage jewelry? Especially for Trifari vintage brooch? Mmm.. yes maybe I already did, but look at this fabulous yellow flower. Look at this masterpiece closer. It has over 50 years and it looks so modern and untouched. The colours are still brilliant and fresh. The size is a little bit excessive, but it does its job. Everyone is noticing the light that comes from this incredible piece of genius.

I simply love it!



Vintage Brooch by  TRIFARI