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When I look to an emerald something happens. Its deep, intense and vivid green has the power to make me feel as if I was into the deep jungle. Suddenly I’m surrounded by a vivid vegetation: leaves of every shade of green and shapes are everywhere, the trees are tall and lash and the air is full of sounds. Birds sing, insects fly, monkeys call. All around I feel file growing and dying in a perfect balance. The air is humid and hot. My dress is sticking on my skin because of the sweat. The breath is filling up my lungs with vegetal smells. A wild and mysterious jungle. I go back to the beginning when nature were the one who triumph upon us and we were scared and respectful. Nature is terrific but fragile at the same time, and its essence is concentrated in these emeralds of this brooch: magnific and delicate.

Brooch By  La Rivoluzione dei Canarini