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When your anti-social-media boyfriend suggests to go to Sardinia for holidays, for a whole week of relax, that means beach and sea every day, and when he says relax he usually means nothing but the sea sound, the beach and a good cooking. That’s why he can’t understand my heavy luggage. I know that I’ll not going to wear  half of the clothes that I ley so delicately in the suitcase, but you’ll never know!!! Everything could happen! Ok, I have decided which jewels I’m going to wear and two or three outfits to bring that are simply perfect with that ring, but with the combination sea-jewejs, you must be very careful. Leaving next to the sea and having past all my school holidays at the beach, I have learned that the sea always take something from you, usually something you cares a lot, in fact playing on the beach and swimming between the waves I’ve lost some rings or earrings. For this reason I’ve chosen a little fancy diamonds ring with the size that I’m sure I’m not going to lost it. Diamonds are definitely always appropriate, specially if they are little and discreet. the white gold stands out from the suntanned skin of the hand, but the smoothy effect makes it elegant and not intrusive. The light blues and turquoises colours of the little diamonds are perfect close to the amazing colours of the Sardinian sea and the white diamonds shine on the splendid white sands of the shores. The yellow ones perfectly matches with the gold tanned skin. Isn’t it the perfect ring for this holidays? And you? Tell me which is you favourite jewel that you always brings on you on holidays?



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