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Vimini bagage

Last year, Andrea and I went to the beautiful town of Lucca to cheer up an awful November Sunday. Arriving there and looking for an open bar to get our mid morning coffee, we found out that there was a modern art and a second hand market going on just around the corner. Andrea found a very nice spring jacket, and I bought a Matryoshka set of wicker bags. I’m not sure but they probably belong to the 60s’.

I didn’t know what to do with them at the beginning, but they were lovely and I payed just 10€ for all of them.

Initially I thought I could use the one in the middle to carry my IPad, my Kindle and all their accessories, but while I’m writing this post I think that it is not the best way to value them. I really think that they are wearable not only with a 50’s outfit in a hot sunny Saturday with my friends walking around for shopping.

Vintage Bags

Yes, I’ll probably left those bags for the free time, except the biggest one. That is a little suitcase, too big to be used as a bag.

Blimey! Now I don’t know how to carry all my technological staff… Well, I have already something in my mind, but it will take a little bit of time to realise it. Keep following and you’ll see.

(Cuff available at Etsy here). Last piece in stok!!

Bags one in another

Bag and bangle

Bags set

Bags and cats

50's style


Skirt by me

Vintage Bags