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Art Déco vs Modernity

In these days of quarantine and smart working I had the opportunity to spend some time learning how to make better photo of the jewels we’ve collected in the past years or we’ve made for our clients. Reading posts on specialised blogs and attending web classes, I stated to do some practice and experiments.

While I am focusing the contrasts, light and shadows, complementary colours and textures to make better shots I realized how opposit are these Déco diamonds and sapphires earrings related to our modern times. 

They are definitely difficult to fit with any of the modern outfits, but their clear and essential lines make them complementary to the modernity and today high tech.

They are essential with their basic colour: white, dark blue, straight lines that smooth their stiffness with the soft movement of the fringes. 

These are precious and delicate collectibles and I imagine these earrings on a black & white outfit in silk or   crepe georgette, in a Armani style. 

How would you wear them instead?

Diamonds & Sapphires Earrings – Private Collection