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In this post I would like to talk about feelings connected with outfits and what make you wear something instead of an other. Those like me, who probably decide their today outfits according to their mood or the way they wake up in the morning, perfectly know what I’m talking about. Infact I realized how much my feelings weight upon my decisions. Sometime they’re so strong and intense that it is very difficult to ignore them, and if I don’t listen to my heart, I feel uncomfortable and uneasy. These feelings must be followed and many times they are in contrast with all the variables that that particular day will brings (I’m happy but I have a meeting so I can’t wear my favorite colorful skirt, etc…). These fights make me lose so much time in front of my wardrobe (can a sigh with the classic “I don’t have anything to waer” be miss?) wondering what to wear and trying to find the perfect outfit that satisfied myself and my duties towards the custom.

According to this, usually, depending on how I feel, I decide what to wear matching bijoux on it. My mum on the contrary decide which bijoux she feels to wear and then the outfit, but she is another story.

When I feel blue or something sad happened to me my outfits turns to be one and only: jumper, trousers and boots, all in black. My jewels must respect what I feel and they are always the same: my massive silver ring and ethnic or design silver earrings. My make up torn darkner with a black eye-shadow and obviously big covering sun glasses can’t be miss. When I feel so down those simple accessories help me to close myself and look hard and steel in order to avoid people to get through me and read what I have inside.  

Some days ago my beloved dog Beba passed away after 17 years with me and my family and I felt so bad and broken I really didn’t want to talk to anyone, but I had to go to work and pretend that everything was fine. I putted on my sadness as outfit and I’ve done my best to be polite, I’ve done my job the best that I could, but as soon as I had finished I run home and locked all the world out. Black outfit helped me in those hours keeping people far from me.

Everyone has a safe place for days like that: home, a bar where nobody knows him, a park, and I think that when there are any possibilities to stay away from people a safety look can help to get through those days. Isn’t it true? Do you have a safety outfit? ad what about the happy days? We don’t have to think just to the sad days. In the period that you feel good, is there something that you prefer to waer? Is there a particular look that you prefer when you feel good, happy or sad?Thiml abuot it and let me know!

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