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Fashion Magazines

Since I got my IPad, my life have changed. You can’t image how I love high tech!

Well, maybe I have to start from the beginning. I’m a collector, and obviously I’m a collector because my mum is a collector. (It’s always my mum fault actually!)

Many years ago, I have started to collect magazines images of jewelleries, clothes, shoes, hats, outfits, jet set icons’ outfits… Everything that can inspire my style, my ideas, my way of living.

I’ve made three files cutting pieces from pages of the most important fashion magazines as Officiel, Vogue British, Vogue United States, Vogue France, Elle British etc.

You may say that I have much time to spare, but it’s not like that. Well, as a fashion (and in particular as a jewels) addicted, I always find time to cut out just to leaf through a glossy. Some of you can understand me! However, I do most of the job in the evenings when we stay at home watching TV.

I cut out an image, stick it in my file and write close to it the Designer, the year and, if I find it, the price (I love knowing the price of the object of my dreams).

Every now and then, especially in rainy sundays, I take my files, sit on my armchair with a cup of tea, and leaf through the sticky pages with my favorite images of things that I’ll never get. Frustrating? Sometime yes, and same time no. Usually I take many inspirations from that images: a match of colours, a combination of fabrics, a gem stone with a particular colour.
Now all this has taken a turn, it evolved in the high tech world with Piterest!

This social network of images is the haven for collectors mad as me. Whatever you collect, you can find very nice pics about your passion. When I pin with my IPad, I can see whatever I have I mind and jump from an image to another finding the unexpected. All my world in my little IPad screen. Shoes, vips, outfits, bags, hair accessories, bijoix, jewelry, places and landscapes of the world… Just everything I have in mind! Some days ago I have found the precious version of my teddy bear (my “Totto” which I grow up with)made with pink diamond by Graff. It is a brooch that move head, arms and legs, isn’t it fabulous?

Teddy Bear Pinterest 2

Walking Teddy Bear
When I was a kid, as most of my equal in age, I use to collect stickers of cartoons or other subjects. I use to exchange the double stickers I’ve got with the one that I missed with my friends, using a phrase that no one can forget: “celo, celo manca!” (it means “I got this, I got this, I miss this”). With Pinterest it is exactly the same: picture follow one after another and you say in your mind: I got this, and this… I miss this! And you pin!
All this is fantastic, now most of my evenings at home are dedicated to my pinning!!! I obviously still buy fashion magazines, that’s why I must confess that I haven’t abandoned my glue. I still cut out images and stick them on coloured pages and drink my tea with my files on my laps. You know, what a collector I would be if I didn’t collect two way of collecting?