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Dear beloved grannies

2020, many things have been told about this year. The other day I was thinking about the loss that joins many people who live these terrible periods, the painful loss of grandparents. It is an tough loss of love, memory and wisdom. I thought about my grandparents and the period of childhood I’ve been with them and I look for the things I kept to remind them, little inheritance that they wanted me to keep as precious treasures. Both my grannies left me one piece of jewelry; when I wear the brooch it reminds me of my granny’s neck with her curly blond hair or my paternal granny’s rigid bracelet that reminds me of the movement of her hands. They are from the 50s and they are extraordinarily made. They make me feel special more than a one-of-a-piece jewels. They are peculiar not only because they’re vintage, but mostly because of the love and affection that tied me with my grannies; of the particular relationship that I had with them. The relationship that exists between granddaughters and grandmothers is unique, inimitable for each of us, for each of you. Is there something so unique and special?


Brooch and bracelet –  PRIVATE COLLECTION