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Despite of the title, in this post New York is not the subject, but it is the location. Last saturday I had a beautiful evening with some of my dearest friend. We all studied Russian language at the University and maybe for this reason we become very close friends. I see some of them sometimes, but for others it was ages!

We had such a good time that I decided that at least we should see each other twice a year, possibly in Summer time! (Last Saturday was raining cats and dogs!)

Chatting about life my friend Sabrina admired the ring I was wearing and asked about it. Telling her that that ring had a very strange story, she interrupt me saying that this was a good subject for a post and that it was some time that I wasn’t posting. “Please” she said, “just tell me a word, and title the post with it”!

So here I am, telling you about something very strange that happened to my mum many years ago in a Sunday morning in New York.

I was 12 (it should be 1985) when I went to New Jersey USA with my family, to spend the summer hollidays with my father who was working there. He was leaving in a town 100 km far from the Big Apple, I don’t remember the name. It was June and the weather was fine. Every weekend we visited a place: Washington, Philadelphia but most of all New York!

ring outfit

emerald ring

During our walking around in a sunny Sunday, my Mum stopped on a block corner closed to South Street and near the Brooklyn bridge while my father was going straight and said: “No, I want to go this way! I need to go this way.” So we turn the corner we find ourself close to the entrance of a little park where there was a second hand and antique market of the neighborhood.

Visiting the market that day, we stopped in front of a stand and there my Mum saw it, and fall in love with this ring. The owner of the stand said that the ring was broken. The piece of ivory on which are setted gold pois and a very nice emerald, was broken on a side. It wasn’t a problem for my Mum, the peculiarity of the object, a ‘50s ivory ring was too attractive.

With a proud smile printed on the face my Mum catch with my father who waiting for us with my brother. He asked “Have you find something?” … Of course she had! Actually the ring found us! My mum and I always thought of that day in a strange way because of the sensation she had on that corner. We like to think that that day the ring called my Mum because it wanted a new owner who appreciate and love it.

old ivory

fisties' ring

We tried to repair the damage and unfortunately the result isn’t perfect, but the ring still emit a magic and magnetic flux that attract us toward it. Now my mum stopped to wear it because it is too small for her, but the ring knows that now it is in good hands. It has the same magnetic attraction with me. It’s difficult to describe the sensation that tie us.

So tell me, have you ever had an experience like that? Have you got a jewel that make you jump back in the past? Have you ever felt a mysterious attraction for something?

My feeling for this ring is special and special was the evening I decided to write about it. Magic is surrounding the ring and I am the lord of the ring!

gold ring


old gold ivory ring

50s' ring