The Canary Tweet


It’s 7:45am, obviously I’m late, just 5 minutes and I still have to dress up. If I know already what to wear than it’s done, otherwise I’m in big trouble!
The idea is almost the same, to get out from the door with a very big smile because I feel a good looker! Ok, option 1) I know what to wear in the very moment I wake up: good, I wear my outfit; option 2) I don’t know what to wear so I sit on my bed and think.
At last I decide and I’m happy because I choose an outfit that I’ve never done before. I feel very pretty and good and I think: I’m like them, now I go to a very fashion office and I’m like them… Sorry? Who are they?
Come on! They are the itgirls, the web influencers, the fashion bloggers, the whatever! They are beautiful, happy, carefree, brilliant and brave in their everyday look. In conclusion they’re awesome!
One above all, my icon that is not exactly an itgirl, she is a profesionist, is Giovanna Battaglia: beautiful, slim, tall, and, most important, with a wonderful style.
What I was saying? Oh yes, we see these girls on Socials or on fashion magazines from where they whisper the trends of the next season. They’re immortalized in their most creative outfits, without the stockings! It doesn’t matter if it’s 0 outside, they have a coat that fly around them and they are absolutely without stocking. The photographers shoot them on the road while they’re busy doing we don’t know what. Right! They work in the fashion world and for this reason they’re always under the flashes. They shoot them while they’re going to the very fashion office, where very good looker colleagues are working, in the center of a famous town. These girls are so good lookers that they don’t need to bring anything with themself, they go out with just a pochette or a little bag, with the mobile in a hand like as if they have to post every 16 seconds.
Nice! I do it too!
So here I am, it’s 7:50am and i’ ready. I feel great and must run out if I want to get to work in time. I’m on the doorway and d’ho! I forgot my mobile and oh yes, the lunch box! Unfortunately yes, where I work there is no bistrot at the end of the road, there is no place where I can eat something light and fashion as in the last episode of Masterchef! I usually stay in the office so I need to prepare my meals. Ok then, let me get a piece of bread (Andrea bought it yesterday, there should be a little piece left), an orange and I’ll think about it at work… I’ll eat something! Oh no!!!! I forgot the gym bag! Obviously, after 9 hours, I go to the gym after work. Right I know it’s my fault! At least I prepare the bag in the evening for habit!
I go back again and I grab the bag squeezed in my “shoes room”. Right, finally I go out, but I think that my figure is not exactly what I expected! I’m not so good looker after all. I’m laden like a pack mule!
Most of the days are like this, and when I don’t bring the gym stuff with me, it’s somethings else: the dress to bring to the laundry for example. My days are exactly the opposite of the days of the beautiful girls of the magazines! I walk quickly and awkwardly along the sidewalk, bent by the weight of my bags and I look forward to get into the car.
At the end I sit in front of the steering wheel, I madly rev up because obviously I’m late, I went out the door 10 minutes later and in the meanwhile rummage in my mega bag (a shopping is not enough for me) because I need the charger. Finally I arrive at work and I disappear for all the day from the earth, behind a monitor, absorbed by thousands of sheets. No paparazzi for me to give importance to my look so lovely studied.
Well, do you think this is all? In the evening, going back home from a exhausting but normal working day, I add the shopping I have done at the supermarket at lunch and the dress I get from the laundry that I forgot last week.
Well, if you think that my life is sad, you’re wrong. I have many little satisfactions. First, I feel very good in my outfits with myself (very important), and second who says that nobody notices my looks? Than I have my blog through which I’m in contact with the whole world, and last but not least I have my girlfriends that patiently watch the delirious video I make in the morning just before I drive to work, while I sing loud, or tell them my mad stories. Poor girls! Now I have even discovered Snapchat… Can you imagine?!