Jewels & BijouxThe Canary Tweet


Some time it’s enough to put two pieces close and the jewels is already done and it comes out that classical matches with elements in contrast are my favourite combinations. This had happened, without realizing it, when I have answered to the request of a friend. For the necklace the consistency of the coral and the clearness of the prasiolite contrasts in texture, but they perfectly match in the colours: pink and green. In every combination of shades these two colours are perfect together, old pink with sage green, emerald green with fucsia, violet with deep green. Actually you can even mix these colours between themselves! Definitely a lots of combinations!

Then, following the stream of combinations I thought of a parure that could be mismatched, so I created a pair of earrings with red coral beads and prasiolite and one mono earrings with a splendid piece of pink coral with flowers inlaid.

Necklace and Earrings by LA RIVOLUZIONE DEI CANARINI