A Little Loss of Magic

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At last, with my heart full of joy, I’ve been to Istanbul after 2 years of pandemic crisis. I was so excited to find all the places and the things that characterise this fantastic city. I love it so much! Everything was there! The scents, the sounds, every street corner, the infinite amazing views of […]


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  All the descriptions are right to describe these rings, they’re so shining that they can be compared to everything transparent and clear but for me the best way to define them is like the freezy snow on the shore of a river in Springtime. They recall me the exact moment when life reborn after winter; […]


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I don’t like so much cameo, so this is my challenge. I would like to propose you a different kind of cameo. Forget the insipid beige and white of the old and classic jewels and open your mind to a opaque bright rock crystal. I chose two little woman silhouette, with delicate figure and shape. […]