Impress the Jade

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While in the East the Jade stone enjoys great consideration thanks to the profound meanings they attribute to it and thanks to the ancient cultural tradition, in the West it is rarer and little known. In Chinese culture, jade symbolises nobility, perfection, constancy and immortality and for years has been considered the most spiritual above […]

Sweet Pastel Colours

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This year, Spring seems to have no intention of showing herself. The days are grey, cloudy and still cold. It makes us desire its warmth and sunny light. We still have the windows closed so we can’t hear the harmony of the birds’ songs. The flowers bloom in colours hidden by our sad attitude of […]


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Whether they are little lighting points or chandelier earrings, it is a good rule to go out always wearing a pair of earrings. Choosing classic in jewelry could mean a pair of earrings wearable day and night. ameFor this post I have chose earrings, now available in our shop Etsy, that are realized with a […]

African Earrings

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Some posts ago, I wrote about ethnic style in Spring time. According to that feelings I’m here to propose a peculiar pair of earrings. They can be included in the ethnic style, but I don’t think they can only be recluded in this category. This time I have chosen a pair of African hand made […]