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In a respectable private collection of jewels, it can’t be missing the subject of a deep and antique symbolism. The snake. Although it is not one of my favorite subjects, I have my little snake that sinuously creep through my dresses. I have chosen a bijoux brooch. 

The use of the snake in jewelry art is lost in the mists of time. In many cultures and in different times the snake have played a bivalent role that always fascinating humanity. Maybe it’s its timid nature or its regeneration skill, or even its poison that can both heal or bring death. Its spiral evokes the circle of life of death and rebirth, in an infinite regeneration. For these reasons, since ancient times it has been used as a talisman of good luck.

Silently, my lucky little friend slithers on the cuff of the collar of my rediscovered black cashmere coat of the 80s. It pops up from the deepest black with its shining gold, proud for being the oldest symbol in the world.

Vintage Brooch – Private Collection