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It’s January 3rd, it’s cold, it’s windy, but it’s an amazing sunny day. Above all it’s Puglia, Valle d’Itria. The Trulli houses are everywhere. I’m in Trulliland. Alberobello on the top. It is a little bit too full of souvenirs shops for my taste and nothing seem to be genuine. The impression is that all these peculiar buildings are realised just for the million of pictures that millions of people takes with their phones. Artificial, but it’s not. These are real houses where real people lived in. It was really like this. These buildings are so nice and characteristic that their preservation in the landscape architecture must be praise.

 After been in Puglia our journey bring us to Matera that is something absolutely different. It’s precious and primitive at the same time. On one side of the old city there’s the finest restoration made with the most luxurious and elegant taste and on the other side you can see the testimony of the poorest way of living in a hard and cruel territory. 

For this tour I’ve chosen a vintage brooch that matches every possible outfit.In this period I’m in a 40’s style mood so I needed something that would make me feel elegant and sophisticated.  Above the common style. A little bit retro. This brooch seems a Catherine wheel firework with gold, turquoise and ruby colours. A silent firework to welcome the new year 2020 and wish all the best to everyone.

Brooch – Private Collection