Grandma’s Promised Ring

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This time I would like to show you a piece of my family history. This stone was set on a ring my granny used to wear. I was fascinated by its dimensions, colour, and clearness. She always said it would be mine someday. Time has passed and I have forgotten this ring in a drawer. […]

Summer Season

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The summer is getting closer and we are all checking what we have in our wardrobes. I do the same with jewels. There are accessoires suited for winter and certainly, there are jewels suited for summer. I chose them for materials (silver, corals), colours (light blue, yellow, orange and light green), and subjects like fish, […]

Little But Powerful – Earring with Opals, Emeralds and Diamonds

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These opals are so powerful in colours. A sunlight is not necessary to hit them and turn them on with crazy colours. Just a bit of light it’s enough for a universe of  iridescences turned on with an electric intensity and a saturation that seem unnatural. But they are real, indeed! only our Mother Nature […]


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It’s January 3rd, it’s cold, it’s windy, but it’s an amazing sunny day. Above all it’s Puglia, Valle d’Itria. The Trulli houses are everywhere. I’m in Trulliland. Alberobello on the top. It is a little bit too full of souvenirs shops for my taste and nothing seem to be genuine. The impression is that all […]


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They said and done so much that they won me at last! They didn’t attack violently, they didn’t push me as an automatic hummer. They have been simply themselves. After few dinners, and just two rides out of town, they conquered me. With gentleness they made me find the vegetarian menu at restaurants and when […]


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19:45pm. I left the office late and I’m just arrived at home. I hear my boyfriend’s getting home too. He is still on the doorway and says: “Honey… we’re going out with the Ducati Club’s guys this evening!” I have to be worry every time he calls me “honey”. I’m half out of the shower! […]