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They said and done so much that they won me at last! They didn’t attack violently, they didn’t push me as an automatic hummer. They have been simply themselves. After few dinners, and just two rides out of town, they conquered me. With gentleness they made me find the vegetarian menu at restaurants and when we were out with the motorbikes always ask me if I was fine or if I felt cold.

All these were from the whole group, but I have to say something more about the Grosseto Ducati Club’s girls. They have started being just passive passengers and now some of them got their own powerful vehicle. They are funny, joyful, helpful and sincere. We chat, say stupid things, we laugh to tears, and after all these they make it: I feel part of the group.

I’m IN and I’ve accepted the club’s t-shirt!

As you already know, I don’t really like uniforms, but in this case I feel free to wear the t-shit that makes me belong to a group that I feel close to me. Maybe it is because of the wonderful sensation of freedom that I feel when I ride on the back of my boyfriend’s motorbike, or because of the insane laugh that we girls do for nothing that make me feel alive.

Andrea, my boyfriend, is happy to share his passion with me even if he can’t vent his speed need or if the bend is not perfect because of me on his back and even if he can’t exactly rear up cause he knows he’ll lose me (I can image myself falling behind with my legs up! A very bad image!)

Fortunately, for these things he has solitary rides.

Who read my first post “A Cena con Dunati” will remember the fact that I get a white helmet. Well, I have to confess it is still white, but with the initiation in Ducati, I have the idea of how I’ll decorate it.

Stay tuned to find out how!