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Would You Like Something to Drink?

Would you like something to drink? In times of lockdown we are leaving in, we can play with our imagination and pretend we’re living in the American Prohibition period when the parties were organised covertly with prohibited spirits and alcoholic drinks served in undercover bars. For these parties and rendezvous, ladys spruced up with splendid dresses and jewels wore one on the other. In that period there was the need to flaunt an unbridled luxury after the restrictions of the previous war period. In that period there wasn’t a public health danger so for this reason I invite you for an online aperitif on Whatsapp. Please girls, don’t forget to wear, as in that time, your cocktail ring! There are no rules in making a cocktail ring but one: they must be big, sumptuous, bold and generally composed by a big central stone surrounded by many little stones. They can be of different design and colours. They don’t go unnoticed! Usually they are worn on the right hand to be distinguished from the engagement ring on an occasion  when the exceptional becomes normal.  

Emerald and Black & White Diamond Ring  By La Rivoluzione dei Canarini

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