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Find Your Vintage Style and You’ll Find a Treasure

IMG_vintage_bagsSomewhere I have read that talking about vintage is like talking about recycling: give a second life to objects, using them a second time and not throwing them in the garbage. I really like this definition, a vintage object gives you not only originality, uniqueness and personality, but it is useful for the environment and our planet.

My friends know that I’m the queen of recycling: I go from taking apart the little plastic window of the mail envelope from the paper to the readjustment friends’ and relatives’ dresses. Antiques or modern art Fair, junk dealers, and stylish vintage shops are the richer sources of unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. What you can find in these magic places is simply amazing. Some time, during my holidays or in a sunday morning walking around, visiting a litlle town or a touristic village, or an European capital city, or during my frequent visits to Rome, it happens that I just turn around the corner and find an antiques Fair or a little not-well-to-find interesting shop; I usually get in for curiosity, I evaluate the objects that it sells and start to rummage between shirts, dresses, trousers, glasses, bags. This is a NO, that is a NO, … and boom! Suddenly I see it, I start smiling and in just a second I already know how I’m gonna wear it, and with what I gonna match it. The excitement of the discovery is comparable to the shopping at fashion brand boutique (well… except buying a Chanel at the boutique in Paris … Well there is nothing comparable to that experience!)

To wring this post I put together all the bags, clutches and pochette that I have gathered in these years. Among them there are two tortoise clutches (nowadays tortoise are protected and for that reason be carefull when you be somthing like that) that are part of another collection, but I’ll tell you about it another time… Maybe…


And you? What about you? What have you found in your walking around in those magic places?






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