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Carolina, Arianna, Lucia

Today, is the end of a three girls journey, three best friends so different but so closed. Arianna, Carolina and I. Friends that have undertaken the adventure of writing and publish their lives full of love, hate, happiness and fears. Normal lives but special for us. Lives that have been examined in all their folds of their spirits, on Saturday morning with a cornetto and a cappuccino. Our brainstorming so difficult to write about, our laughs to tears, our chocked crying, eclectic conversations about items, feelings, ideas and experiences. What a journey has been! Charged-up and exciting.

Braistorming at the Caffè

Some time we wrote down something but never published because we were scared and sometime our uncertainties was on charge the moment before our click on “Publish”. We lent us the strength giving doses of esteem to each other, but than we had the greatest satisfaction in the world when the IPad ding for an “I Like”. Open our thought to the world, stay in front of a camera and face our fears and insecurities.  We bet with ourselves pushing us forward with our writings skills, traing if from a little thought or a small idea we could write a story with a head, a body and a conclusion. It is make sense? Is there a story? Are there any contradictions? Every time a challenge, a bet, a fight with ourselves to make us believe the it’s fine, it’s ok, the blog is our space to write what we want.

The blog was born

But life brings you many things, we got priorities and the blog, in the last year, have languished. Maybe the enthusiasm get less, who knows. Today Arianna and Carolina take another  fantastic and terrific path, something that will fill up their lives. A path with no room for the blog.

But I stay here and I want to go on with this story, anole. So La Rivoluzione dei Canarini changes, it turns in something else. It’ll be the way with which I’ll tell you my passion for accessories, bijoiux and jewelry. It’ll be the way you’ll see my creations and what I realize. I’ll be my story, it’ll be me. It’s spring time, the flowers are blooming and the world is having a new life: I open the windows to let the fresh air from the sea in. I breathe deeply with the sun on me, I’m ready to face the world as a canary obstinate, passionate, full of energy, enthusiasm and hope. I’ve so many ideas with which I want to start this new journey, this new me.

I want to make new friends, new experiences, new connections with other bloggers and, who knows, make new followers, but most of all I want to face with great spirit all that the future may brings.

I am ready and you?

Be brave!


I’m ready and you?