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Some time it’s enough to put two pieces close and the jewels is already done and it comes out that classical matches with elements in contrast are my favourite combinations. This had happened, without realizing it, when I have answered to the request of a friend. For the necklace the consistency of the coral and […]


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Brooches, rings, earrings and pendants: very often in jewelry you can find the owl represented in many shapes and designs. For today’s post I have chosen a pair of earrings made in fossil ivory, gold and diamonds. The manufacture of the owls is not perfect and they are not old or vintage, but we made […]


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Last year, Andrea and I went to the beautiful town of Lucca to cheer up an awful November Sunday. Arriving there and looking for an open bar to get our mid morning coffee, we found out that there was a modern art and a second hand market going on just around the corner. Andrea found […]


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Whether they are little lighting points or chandelier earrings, it is a good rule to go out always wearing a pair of earrings. Choosing classic in jewelry could mean a pair of earrings wearable day and night. ameFor this post I have chose earrings, now available in our shop Etsy, that are realized with a […]

A Dinner with Ducati 3 – by Lucia

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The season is started, the first ride out of town is done, obviously dressed with heavy clothing for the freezing air of March and with a great meal with fish at a very nice restaurant. Along the road towards Scansano we admired Miki’s  clear and correct way of driving; she got the motorbike diving licence […]